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Chabad Jewish Center of West Boynton


The Family Shul is the first community shul to be based West of the Turnpike. It represents a fresh vision for translating the inspiration of Judaism for a new generation. Mindful of the areas open mindset, The Family Shul seeks to reinvent the Synagogue as a relaxed and enjoyable setting for personal growth and communal connection. The Family Shul vision inspires young professionals and young families who actively seek to advance its cause. If you are an unaffiliated Jew this synagogue was designed for you.

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  • Rabbi
  • Nusach
  • Daily Services?
  • Mikvah On Site?
  • Eruv?
  • Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Raichik
  • Ari
  • No
  • No
  • No


  • Shabbos 9:30am Minyan
  • Social Hall
  • Youth Groups
  • Shabbos Hospitality

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