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Walk2Shul.com is a leading site for homeowners and Realtors to list their homes, for sale or for rent, that are within walking distance to Orthodox synagogues (or "shuls").

Why "Orthodox" shuls?

Because members of Orthodox Jewish communities, in strict adherence of Jewish law, are not allowed to drive on the Jewish Sabbath. Instead, we must walk to shul.

This restriction can make it challenging to find properties, for rent or sale, that are within reasonable walking distance (ie. under 1.5 miles) to an Orthodox synagogue.

Traditionally, however, it's because of this restriction that makes properties closer to a shul more valuable and sell at a higher price than similar properties in other neighborhoods.

Walk2Shul.com makes it easier for homeowners and Realtors to advertise their properties to Orthodox Jewish communites, and for Orthodox Jews to find homes near a shul.

Walk2Shul.com also offers a directory of Orthodox synagogues and kosher restaurants, as well as businesses and services that support the Jewish community.

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