Rules & Guidelines


  • Walk 2 Shul LLC is an advertising company selling advertising services. All sales are final.
  • A valid email address is required when you first register and create your personal account.
  • We personally review every NEW and MODIFIED listing. We may ask you to make small modifications to the ad for final approval. If we receive no reply, we may make the modifications ourselves.
  • When your property is sold or rented, please mark it as sold, or you can choose to delete your ad. Otherwise, upon expiration, the ad will automatically be removed.
  • The posting or publishing of material that is of an obscene and/or offensive nature will result in immediate termination of the ad, immediate termination of the advertiser's personal account, and the permanent ban of the advertiser from future postings. If you are unsure whether your material would be deemed "obscene" or "offensive", then we suggest not posting it.
  • The posting of comments that are not constructive and/or are personal attacks or vendettas against advertisers, shuls or restaurants is strictly prohibited. Those comments will not be posted and that individual's account will be disabled.
  • reserves the right to reject any ad submission or comment that is not deemed appropriate or does not conform to these policies.


  • Website addresses (ie. URL's) are not allowed in any field or in the listing's description. This applies to real estate listings only.
  • Email addresses are not allowed in any field or in the listing's description. Your email address is stored in our database and is not displayed on your ad for your protection and privacy. Visitors will use the contact form on your listing's page to contact you..
  • Each Real Estate listing is for one specific property only. Your listing cannot list multiple properties.
  • Rentals vs Vacation Rentals: A rental property being rented for one period of at least 6 months to 1 year or longer should be listed under the Real Estate category. A property that is being rented short term based on nightly or weekly rates, similar to AirBnB and VRBO, must be listed under the Vacation Rentals category.
  • Attn Developers: Only up to 2 listings per model home in a development is allowed (at any given time). Each listing must be for a specific address, lot number or unit number.
  • For best results, photos should be horizontal (ie. landscape) and not vertical (ie. portrait).
  • Using ALL CAPS should be avoided. In a listing's description, ALL CAPS can be used to emphasize one or two words, but should not be used for entire sentences or paragraphs. Studies have proven that ALL CAPS makes it harder to read.
  • HTML code (or any other code) is not allowed in any field, including the Description.
  • Special characters (ie. *,@,#,(),^,%) are not allowed in the listing's TITLE.
  • The TITLE field cannot be modified after you have submitted your ad. If you need the TITLE changed, please contact us.
  • The TITLE field is limited to 60 characters and is subject to editing by the administrators of
  • The PRICE field only accepts numbers - no $, punctuation or commas
  • If your listing is a "Featured Property", at least one color photo of the property must be uploaded.
  • Only names of Orthodox synagogues should be entered in the "Nearby Shuls" field. Please do not include the names of Conservative or Reform synagogues, unless they host an Orthodox service (ie. minyan). If you are unsure, please contact us for verification.
  • You can delete your ad at your own risk. Deleted ads are permanent and cannot be restored. Your ad, however, can be "disabled", thus keeping it active in the system but preventing it from being viewed to the public.

Our Ad Guidelines and Rules are subject to change at any time.
If you have questions regarding any of these policies, please feel free to contact us.

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