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Welcome to the brand new!

After spending months of development from the ground up, we have finally launched the all-new

In addition to a whole new look & feel, we've added new features and changed some existing features. In some instances, we've simplified a feature to make the overall experience easier and hassle-free.

Please take a moment to review our most important changes.

True 1-Page Add a Listing:

As some of you can attest, the 1-page listing process on our previous site was somewhat temperamental and caused its fair share of issues. Not any more!! Our new 1-page Add a Listing process is super easy and works flawlessly.

Save a Draft:

Have you ever started to create a listing but, for whatever reason, you had to stop and finish it later? Now, all you need to do is click the “Save Draft” button and your listing, and all the content that you added, will now be saved.

Membership Plans:

We now use the term “Membership Plan” in place of a price plan. Under our Membership Plans, we offer 2 types of Single Listings (Basic & Deluxe) and 2 types of Listing Packages (3 Listing Package & 6 Listing Package).

When you select one of these plans, you're essentially purchasing a Membership Plan. In your Account, you can select the “Membership” option to see your current plan details.

Listing Packages:

Please take note as this is a BIG change.

Listings are now tied directly to a Listing Package's expiration date. When your Membership Plan (ie your Listing Package) expires, so do all the active listings in your plan.

For example, you purchase the 3 Listing Package, which runs for 6 months … if you add your 3rd listing in the 5th month, that listing will expire when the package expires at the end of the 6th month.

Another new feature of our Listing Packages is that each Package includes a specific number of Basic and Featured listings. For example, the 3 Listing Package includes 1 Basic listing and 2 Featured listings. The 6 Listing Package, which runs for 1 year, includes 2 Basic listings and 4 Featured listings.

You create your listings first, and then you assign Featured status to a listing.

Update to Featured:

The ability to update a Basic listing to Featured status is no longer available. Please take that into account when you select your membership plan.

Featured Listings:

If you purchase the Deluxe Listing or a Package, you will need to assign Featured status to a listing after you create it. See this tutorial to learn more.

Direct Message System:

This is our internal messaging system which has been vastly improved. Logged-in users can message each other in real time, and our system retains the entire message thread including time stamps.

Click To Call:

On mobile devices, buyers can now click a “Call” button which will automatically place a call to your phone.


You can now show a WhatsApp button on the contact form on your listing's page. This allows buyers to contact you directly via WhatsApp!

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager):

Our new website now includes your very own CRM, allowing you to track activities of visitors, manage inquires and manage your leads. We also offer easy-to-read charts showing general analytics such as views and visits, devices, countries, browsers and more.

Floor Plans:

When you create a listing, there is now a section for Floor Plans, where you can upload blueprints and provide additional information.

360° Virtual Tour:

We now offer a designated field to enter your embed code from popular services like Matterport.


You can now attach downloadable PDF files (ie brochures, flyers), Map images or other documents to provide further details related to a property.

Private Notes:

You can now write private notes for your property listings that only you can see.

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I don't get that many leads on Walk2Shul. But the ones I do get are quality. Out of ten leads, I closed seven!
by Jennifer W.
I want to tell you again that I think this site is really awesome. Great idea.
by Ann B.
This is a great website for targeting buyers in my farm area. The team at Walk2Shul is very responsive and offer great support. I would recommend this site, great concept and great additional marketing.
by Lloyd F.

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